Alabama Society for Hearing Healthcare Providers

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Upcoming Opportunities to Earn CEUs


Last day to sign up is this FRIDAY, 10/20/17!!!


Saturday, October 28, 2017

Embassy Suites by Hilton Birmingham-Hoover

2960 John Hawkins Parkway, Birmingham, AL 35244

Class will be 8am - 5pm with Membership Meeting at lunch break


AN "AMERICAN DELI BUFFET" style lunch will be provided by the Hotel as we can not have outside food brought in.  There will be a variety of meat, cheese and veggie selections that should suit any special dietary restrictions on this buffet. When signing up below select member or nonmember, then just allow Pork Sandwich option to remain selected to get to PayPal payment page. 

Membership Will Be Verified
Lunch Options

Anyone needing a receipt with correct date on it can pick it up during the CEU class, from Margaret Hoeldtke, ASHHP Secretary.


ASHHP's education goal is to provide continuing education opportunities that are both helpful to you in your practice and classes that cover topics that are of interest to you.  A review of the Continuing Education Units (CEU's) provided this year are listed below.  Links to handouts and other materials are also provided, if available.   You may also request that we provide specific training classes by following this link. We will attempt to provide the types of classes you request with the highest possible quality of instructors.  We encourage everyone to provide feedback on our classes and our instructors so we can continue to improve. Follow this link to submit a course evaluation form for each class provided by the Society.  Your input will allow you to give us feedback on the quality of the classes presented and it will be used to help shape future training. 

Most handouts are PowerPoint slides or Adobe PDF files.  If you do not have those programs,
you may download free viewers by following these links:

PowerPoint Viewer

Adobe Reader 
CEU Requirements for 2016 and Beyond

Code 445 Update:

(3) A hearing aid dispenser or hearing aid specialist must obtain a minimum of ten (10) hours of continuing education annually. Of these hours, two (2) must be in the medical area, two (2) must be in jurisprudence (Alabama laws and rules) and Hearing Instrument Dealers Chapter 445-X-1 Supp. 9/30/16 1-11 ethics, two (2) must be in patient management. These hours must be resident hours, with no credit given for non-resident training (elearning or online courses). The remainder of hours may be obtained as product specific or on the topic of practice building and may be obtained either through residence or nonresident training.